Online Consultation

Troubleshoot with a designer

Online Consultation

Online consultations are done remotely, via e-mail, to troubleshoot a specific question or address a specific problem you're having with your interior.  The online consultation is perfect for those nagging, bite-size design problems like what to do with a bare spot that "just needs something."

  • 30 min. @ $125

  • one-time

  • via email

  • In order for me to provide the best possible advice, you will need to send me pictures of your area of concern, with some pictures taken from a distance, and others close-up.

  • I'll review your images, specific problem description and respond with some follow-up questions.  I usually have a two to three day lead time on on-line consultations, but they are your best way to get design help, quick!

  • Now, while I can't design your entire room in 30 minutes, I'll definitely be able to give you the direction you need, regarding the issue you're having.



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