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On-Site Consultation

Sometimes you just need that boost to get started in the right direction. The On-Site Consultation is a 90 min. in-home consultation to give you some design strategies for your specific design problems. This usually requires some pre-planning on your part to hone in on your top priorites so that we maximize our time together and solve those pressing issues! When I'm there, the phone is on silent and I'm yours. We'll start at the top of your list of priorities and go until we run out of time.

  • 90-minute @ $250

  • One-time

  • Requires you to do some pre-planning. Make a priority list. State your goals for each space we'll be tackling. What purpose or feeling is missing from the space that you are looking for?

  • Gather images that inspire your vision for the specific space to share at our meeting. We'll also be able to tour your house so you can point out items that you think perfectly express your style.

  • Don't be afraid to dream big, but also have an idea of what your limitations are in terms of budget, time frame so I can keep my recommendations within reach! 

  • Need paint color selections? Let me know beforehand so I can bring my paint decks.

  • Remember: We only have 90 minutes, so don’t get too ambitious, but do realize that if I arrive at your home and we come to the conclusion that you’ve just got too much more to deal with, we can schedule a time to reconvene and begin working on your project with a more fitting approach.



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