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Female Realtor With Digital Tablet Looking Around House

Discovery Session with an Industry Professional

On-Site Consultation

  • One-time, jump start, idea-sparking discovery session!

  • Time to talk through your biggest design challenges in the room. When we are there, the phone is on silent and we are focused on defining the challenges and brainstorming quick and attainable solutions. 

  • 90-minute @ $250

  • Limited to 1 to 2 rooms you need help with most. 

  • Requires you to do some pre-planning. Make a priority list ahead of time. State your goals for each space we'll be touring. What feeling is missing from the room? How do you need the space to function better for you, your family, or your business. 

  • Gather your top 5-10 images from Pinterest or Instagram that inspire your vision for the room to share during our session. You will give a tour of the space so you can point out items that you think need updating or those which perfectly express your style.

  • Don't be afraid to dream big, but also have an idea of what your limitations are in terms of budget, effort, and time frame so I can keep my recommendations within reach! 

  • Need paint color selections? Let me know beforehand so I can bring my paint decks.

On-Site Consult: Service
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