My Favorite Projects


& Bath

Charming Update

This is a storyboard for a lovely new kitchen and bath renovation. We opened up the kitchen and dining room into one large space giving the combined kitchen and dining area some room to breath. The owners wished to stay classic with with white subway tile, quartz countertops, rehabbed built-ins, a revamped mudroom with custom built-ins and slate tile, and a beautiful bathroom remodel.


Warm Welcome

New Concept, New Look

I worked with the owner and architect from the inception of the upfit project to help define their space at the same time they were defining their brand. This newly formed ob/gyn practice was keen on offering a welcoming and relaxing space where patients and staff are nurtured and celebrated.


Office space

Modern and Bright

When I met this client's rep, she was on the phone confirming shipment of the hoverboards the CEO approved for the new office! The lighting in this project was my favorite aspect, minimal but highlighting the architectural features and making the office and conference spaces much more usable. We transformed the space from "laced-up law-firm" to "cutting-edge advertising agency."


Guest room

Creature Comforts

This tailor-made guest room is flexible enough to sleep the homeowner's four nephews when they visit and also house the their sports memorabilia collection. I designed the bespoke bunk beds to fit x-long mattresses so the space is functional for years to come. There are custom built-ins with cubbies to keep luggage out of the floor space and ample shelving for the collection.



Place to Grow

This project was for a local non-profit community garden and education center. It also became the set for a local clothier's  spring lookbook.  There are rich hues of pumpkin,  parsley, and butternut that compliment the colors of the garden just outside. The space comprises a teaching kitchen, cozy office space, and large multipurpose space for after school programs. Photo courtesy of Vert & Vogue.


Taking Care

Practical and Purposeful

This was a beloved project where the clients needed a thoughtful design within a carefully considered budget.  By request, Trosa's new Comprehensive Care Center, is outfitted with super-durable finishes including stained concrete floors, quartz countertops, and custom millwork. We had many a working meeting to discuss staff and patient experience from the moment they walk in the door.

Kim & Kirk Master Bath_sm.png

& Bath

In with the New

This project is a real case of out with the old, and in with the new.  We took an early 2000s starter home and made it something worth celebrating! We decided it was out with the linoleum and in with the hardwood and porcelain tile. Out with the furnishings purchased when the kids were toddlers and in with some fresh finds! 

Mt House Project_sm.jpg



Tranquil Setting

The design is inspired by many of the lovely furnishings already in the home as well as the homeowner's impeccable taste for luxurious textiles. The idea is to create an elegant and livable mountain retreat that celebrates the beauty of springtime in the mountains of North Carolina.  

Lease Space Lobby Rendering.png



A Glimpse of the Future

A virtual rendering can be an invaluable tool to get properties rented and keep them filled from year to year. Before construction is complete on your new project,  potential renters can take a virtual tour of the property, staged with furniture and outfitted with the latest trends in flooring, paint colors, countertops, and more.