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Full-Service Space Planning, Interior Design, and Project Management

Full-Service Interior Design

Every space has its own personality, and with the right spatial planning and styling, we can really make it shine!  With larger, full-service dedicated design projects, I work with my clients throughout the whole process,  bringing their vision into stunning reality.


  • Full-service design means: presentations, meetings, and project management. I'm there every step of the way to make sure every design detail is handled with care, because every decision made impacts another.

  • I'm here to handle the process and take the tedium and burden off you so you can handle YOUR life and YOUR priorities.

  • Please note: our minimum design fee for full-service is $1500. I will have a better idea of your design fee after we talk about your  project scope.

  • We have had clients in the past who prefer to pay for design work and then order any products on their own. We expect all our clients to allow the contractor of their project to purchase the products for construction, as they are expected to warrant the installation and therefore should make the small mark-up on goods.

Full Service projects involve the following phases: 


Determine needs, desires, and budget for project and verify site conditions with measurements, plans, and/or photographs.


Conceptual design of space, to include general color schemes, samples, pictures, and drawings to suggest design ideas. 


Fine-tuning of approved schematic design so that it becomes fixed.  Drawings, floor plans, elevations, and details as necessary are provided. Shopping and showroom visits are done in this phase if necessary. Lighting design and selection of all furnishings, fixtures, and finishes are completed. Budgets are approved.


Preparation of drawings, specifications, and other documents to have the project constructed. Proposals for furniture, window treatments, custom pieces, or any other type of furnishings will be completed.


Site visits are made to verify project quality and progress. Furnishings are delivered and installed.

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