My Clientele

On the Path Towards Transformation

Hera Logo


During my time working with Hera, I embellished their space in a way that suited their taste. For many years, I’ve guided my clients on the path of success when it comes to remodeling their spaces.

Pereo Logo


Pereo needed lots of work done in a short time and on a tight budget. It wasn’t easy, but I was able to make it happen. With their patience and trust, we arrived at something amazing.

Dapco Logo


It was a pleasure to work with Dapco on a complete renovation and redesign. With such a strong brand definition and a clear vision of the end product, our work was collaborative, fun and ultimately came together perfectly.

Shorted Logo


Shorted had a specific vision in mind when we started working together. Towards the end, the outcome brought their vision to life and was more than they expected.

Tinto Logo


While working with Tinto, I used my years of expertise as an interior designer to make sure they get the look they wanted. Since 2000, I‘ve been working with clients to come up with designs that fit their tastes and preferences.



I couldn’t have been more proud of the work I did for Aplyex. By working together, and by getting creative, we were able to find beautiful solutions that make a lasting impression and fit their budget.