About Me

Professional Designer, Amateur Sleuth

There's this exhilarating feeling when my client's eyes light up with joy when we find the last piece of the puzzle their project needs.  Often times I hear them say "You just get us!"  It takes an eye for design, hard work, and years of industry experience for me to make this process so gratifying for my clients. 

I really enjoy finding clever solutions that make my client's spaces work harder for them. I don my amateur sleuthing cap, whether it's creating a space-saving solution, hunting down that perfect piece, or leveraging experts' advice on floor refinishing.

I've spent past lives as art history student, as curatorial intern, as archivist-in-residence, in development and communications for a local non-profit, as Interior Architecture student, and 8 years as commercial interior designer for one of the Triangle's top architecture firms.

I live in Pittsboro, NC with my husband and our rescue pup, Buddy, and I work all throughout the Triangle. As your personal interior designer, I provide expert guidance throughout the design process so your project is a brilliant success. ​


"Nothing happens unless first we dream."

Carl Sandburg


"What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?"

George Elliot



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